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09-Aug-2017 - Nyagua 5.1.2 released -

Hello everyone.
I've just released Nyagua v. 5.1.2. It implements some minor bug fixing in sorting and in some labels.

15-May-2017 - Nyagua 5.1.1 relased -

Just released v. 5.1.1 to update Brasilian Portoguese translation...

28-Mar-2017 - Nyagua 5.1.0 released -

Still alive,
I've just released a new version of Nyagua. It implements only import/export features but this satisfy a long time request.

Hope you'll find it useful...


Nyagua is a little piece of software that may help you to manage your home aquarium.
It has been completly written in Java with Netbeans standard IDE, that may ensure portability. It runs on every O.S. that can run Java applications and has been tested on GNU/Linux, Windows, OS-X.

It's distributed under GNU GPL v.2 license, for free, as it is, without any warranty implicit and explicit.


From here you can...


Planted Aquarium Fertilizers CALCulator (pafcalc) is a spin off of Nyagua project. The fertilizer calculator has been released also as stand-alone application for those who use it often but don't want to start Nyagua every time.

Nyagua requirements:

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