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15-May-2017 - Nyagua 5.1.1 relased -

Just released v. 5.1.1 to update Brasilian Portoguese translation...

28-Mar-2017 - Nyagua 5.1.0 released -

Still alive,
I've just released a new version of Nyagua. It implements only import/export features but this satisfy a long time request.

Hope you'll find it useful...


30-Jan-2017 - Nyagua 5.0.4 released -

Hello everyone. I just released a new version that fix a startup bug. Due to a missing translation the startup wizard, that is showed in new Nyagua instalaltion, was crashing and the program not More...


What is already implemented in Nyagua:

Whats new in this version (5.0.4) compared to previous:

Whats new in version 5.0.3 compared to previous:

Whats new in v. 5.0.2 compared to previous:

Whats new in v. 5.0.1 compared to previous:

Bug fix:

Whats new in v. 5.0.0

Structural (for developers): Bug fix:

What's new in v. 4.0.0

What's new in v. 3.1.2

Note: v.3.1.1 is unrealeased due to some bugs in beta.

What's new in v. 3.1.0

For developers:

What's new in v. 3.0.0

What's new in v. 2.1.2

This is a bug-fix minor release.

Note that starting from 2.0 version we has removed version 0.98 databases compatibility feature. If you're still using old 0.98 version, upgrade your db using a Nyagua 1.x series then upgrade everything to Nyagua 2.0.

Some screenshots are avalaible on line.

Hosted at:
Download Nyagua