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Description and License

Nyagua is a little piece of software written in Java that may help you to manage your home aquarium.

It runs on GNU/Linux and Windows but can be easily adapted to others O.S.

It's distributed under GNU GPL v.2 license, for free, as it is, without any warranty implicit and explicit.


gnuplot 4.0 or higher: Gnuplot is a command-line driven, interactive function plotting program . Starting from Nyagua 2.0 version gnuplot is optional and used only if you need extra features in plotting.

Program Design

Since from Nyagua 1.2 design a new feature has been added to manage more than one aquariums db. For each db more aquarium tanks can be managed.

To avoid unnecessary duplication of data, the database of fish (Fishbase), invertebrates (InvBase) and plants (Plantbase) are common to all aquariums on the same db file. Introduction of icons related to common data in navigation tree enhance this way of working.

It has been chosen to leave the user much freedom as possible when entering data for example the main field of maintenance activities is called "event". This allows You to decide for yourself what You consider an event to record and what not.

The program is as much multi-platform as possible and has been tested on Linux, Mac OS-X and Windows OS.


What is already implemented in Nyagua 5.1:

Whats new in this version (5.0) compared to previous:

Note that starting from 2.0 version we has removed version 0.98 databases compatibility feature. If you're still using old 0.98 version, upgrade your db using a Nyagua 1.x series then upgrade everything to Nyagua 2.0.

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