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Install and starting up


Installation of Nyagua is matter of unpack one file, but You should read following steps to avoid problems.

Nyagua site provides 3 different packages:

nyagua-x.y.x-src.zip This package contains the sources and is mainly useful for developers.

nyagua-x.y.x-noarch.zip This is the package that should be used by everyone and contains the Nyagua version for all platforms.

nyagua-x.y.x-win_exe.zip This package contains a version of Nyagua transformed into executable so that it can be launched more easily under Windows. Useful to those without computer skills sufficient to use the standard version.

Download the package that you feel best suits your needs. The following are the instructions for the noarch package:

java -j Nyaguatmp/Nyagua.jar 

(if You're using windows version You can simply doble click on Nyagua.exe. This will start Nyagua.jar)

This will create a directory named Nyagua in your home directory (in Windows in C: \ Documents And Settings \ your login name \ Nyagua



When the program is started for first time it check for an existing valid DB in the standard Nyagua path.

If an old version of DB is found You will be prompt to choose a directory for a backup, then the DB will be upgraded.

If no DB is found (eg. The first time You use this program) a box is showed to allow You to chose a directory were to create a new DB or to select a DB from a non standard directory.

When You close the program last DB used will be saved in settings and it will be open automatically next time.

At first start there will be no defined aquarium. The program will prompt you to create an aquarium by giving it a name:

This is only an aid, you can insert any name or enter one at random. You will be given the opportunity to change it later. If you have never thought of a name for your aquarium this might be the right time.

It will then be shown the Preferences window:

I suggest you quickly read the preferences section in the manual and enter at least the minimal settings.

You can still change them later, but starting in the right way will make it more pleasant to use the program.

Note: If you have already used the program, at start-up, you may receive the following message; which will be explained in the calendar / schedule section.

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