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InvBase table

In this table You can build Your personal database of invertebrates species that are in aquarium or You wish to have. The fileds are the same as Fishbase:

The fields schema is keep from www.fishbase.org were You can easily download and import the information


Common Name: is the name of the fish specie as You identify it or how it's commonly called where You live.

Name: the latin (scientific) name of the specie.

AKA: Other names or known aliases

Class: the latin class of the specie.

Life span: how long is the standard life period of the specie in natural enviroment

Distribution: Where does it live in nature (geography).

Diagnosis: Info about what can damage this fish and what can be harmful for the specie.

Biology: Information on what it eat, how it bread, 'lifestyle' etc.

Environment: The tipical habitat of the specie (lake, river, where in the river, etc).

Climate: The climate of the area where fish live.

Max size: the max size that the specie can reach. Useful to check if your aquarium has correct size.

Dangerous: how the specie can harm You and how is harmful for humans (eg. Sharks can dangerous).

Swim level: water level were this specie usually swim (eg. bottom, top, medium, all).

PH min, max: PH range were that specie can live.

DH min, max: GH (DH) range were that specie can live.

TDS min, max: TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids and it is the measure of all negative (anions) and positively charged ions (cations) that are present in water.

T min, max: temperature range were that specie can live.

You can also add a picture for the specie.

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