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Aquarium table

Name: This is the name / title you give to your aquarium

Deep, Width, Height: A number representing respectively the deep, width and height of the tank in whatever unit you desire (cm, in, etc – don' t care). If selected in options then units are displayed.

Glass thick: The aquarium glass tick in selected unit.

Tank Volume: A number representing the whole tank volume in whatever unit you desire. The little calculator icon allow you to automatically calculate the volume. The calculation depend on setted units. If you change the units after entering a value then it will be necessary to recalculate the new value as the conversion is not done automatically.

Water volume: The real volume of water. Usually You should exclude the air volume at the top, the bottom volume, the internal filter volume. If the tank is a parallelepiped the water volume is given from

deep x width x water height / 1000 = vol (liters)

Type: Insert here a description to classify Your aquarium. Samples can be: Natural aquarium, Dutch aquarium, biotope, iwagumy.

Bottom: The material used as ground (sand, earth, gravel, clay etc).

Open: Check flag if aquarium is without a cover on the top (open aquarium). Leave unchecked if it has a cover.

Start date, End date: The dates when you start (and end) Your aquarium.

Notes: Feel free to add any note useful for you.

On the bottom You can add a picture of Your aquarium.

All data will be showed in the report and You can use it as a web page to publish on the web.

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