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We tried to make things easy for translators. You can help translating Nyagua in two ways:

- On line: on Transiflex.

-Off line: you can download the file named Bundle.properties and, if needed to compare with other translations, some of other Bundle_xx_yy.properties and from SourceForge svn , then translate it and send me back by mail.
To manage those files You'll need a unicode editor. I suggest to use TapiJI a free java program born to manage .properties files.

In booth cases, if you need, you can read translation instruction:

How to translate

Languages are listed with their language code.
First look if you could find an existing translation. If your language is already there please fill the document, with the missing words.
If your language is not there you can add a file with a name starting with your language code in lowercase letters. If you want to create a country-specific one, that is not the most spoken type of it, append - and your country code according to ISO 3166-1 in uppercase letters.


Then using an existing file as template you should replace the words on the right side of = sign.
Translation is helped fron the leftmost column that identify the items and from the other languages translations.
Some things to take care are: After translation you can notify me by mail.
I'll apply translation to program and send you back (or post in sourceforge 's svn - if I haven't your mail) for check.
If You like Your name will be added as contributor. Let me know if You want this and if You want also Your mail be showed or not on credits.
If You has any question ask me... (rudigiacomini[AT]inwind.it)

Hosted at:
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