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Since version 1.2 Nyagua allows to manage more than one DB (this can be useful to separate Freshwater from Marine Aquariums) so the menu File has some new items:


You will be prompted to chose a directory and a file name for the new DB file.


You can choose to open a different DB file. The last file opened will be stored in settings and used as default next time the program will be started.


You will be prompted to chose a directory were to backup file. If a backup for this DB already exist a numeric suffix will be added to allow more than one backup copy. There is no restore utility. To restore a DB simply rename the file as original one eg. Nyagua1.bak will be renamed as Nyagua.db

Backup + maintenance

When a record is deleted the related DB space is wasted. With this menĂ¹ a form with DB status will be displayed and you'll see the wasted space. Pressing OK button DB will be first backupped the compressed to recover wasted space.

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