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PlantBase table

In this table You can build Your personal database of plants species that are in aquarium or You wish to have.

Name: the latin (scientific) name of the plant specie.

AKA: Other names or known aliases.

Family: the latin name of plant family.

Distribution: where the plant lives in the world.

True Aquatic: Indicates whether this is a true aquatic plant or not.

Placement: Indicates whether the plant should be placed in the foreground, the middleground or background.

CO2 Required: Indicates whether CO2 is necessary for the plant's survival.

High: How much high the plant can grow.

Width: How much width the plant can grow.

Light: How much light the plant require.

Growth: How fast it grows.

Demands: How easy it's to grow the plant.

PH min, max: PH range were that specie can live.

DH min, max: GH (DH) range were that specie can live.

T min, max: temperature range were that specie can live.

Second tab:

Notes: a free field for notes...

You can also add a picture for the specie.

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